P2E Game: Market Prediction

The Market Prediction Game is developed with the purpose of providing an enjoyable way for users to engage in the MMLM system. The initial concept was to create a stress-relieving game that offers rewards similar to "Price Prediction" or "Spot/Future Trading". In this game, players participate using virtual points, meaning they don't need to invest their own funds to begin playing. Yet, they still have the opportunity to earn MMLM tokens. This is a unique opportunity to play for real rewards without having to put any of your funds at risk.
The implementation of vesting and burning mechanisms is pivotal in maintaining a harmonious ecosystem and effectively controlling token inflation. This, in turn, establishes a sustainable reward system for the game, further augmenting our ecosystem.
This game is expected to deliver significant advantages to the MMLM ecosystem, which include:
  • Enhanced community engagement: Players can improve their trading skills in a fun and secure environment.
  • Rewards for active players: The top performers will receive a portion of the daily $MMLM reward pool.
  • Additional utility for the MMLM token: This game will provide more use cases for the $MMLM token.
What is the Market Prediction game? This game simplifies trading into a yes or no decision: you determine whether a market is likely to be above a specific price at a given time. If the prediction is correct, you will generate a profit based on the payout ratio provided by the platform (typically 80-95% of the initial investment). However, if the prediction is incorrect, you will lose the entire amount of the initial investment.
The Market Prediction game is exclusively designed for the MMLM network. It provides a secure environment where you can put your trading knowledge and skills to the test while offering the potential to earn deserving rewards, all the while without the risk of losing your real funds.
What can you get?
Winners will be rewarded $MMLM tokens when participating in the BO game. The rewards will be extracted from the Treasury wallet on a daily basis. The amount of distributed tokens is carefully calculated to be significantly less than the vested tokens for that particular day. This ensures that the rewarding token distribution does not lead to inflation in the market.
Please note that the points earned in the game can only be exchanged for $MMLM tokens and do not hold any value for conversion into cash or other tokens.
How does it work? The rules are simple:
To take part in the game, players must hold at least an amount of XXX MMLM tokens in their wallet. The game operates on a daily basis, commencing at 0:00 UTC, where all accounts receive an initial capital of 100 points.
When placing bets, winning wagers will yield an additional 80% of the points staked, while losing wagers will result in the loss of 100% of the points staked.
The total number of points accumulated by each player will be real-time updated on the ranking board (typically with a minor delay of around 2-5 minutes).
At 23:59:59 UTC on the same day, the top X players with the highest number of points will be eligible to share a prize pool consisting of Y amount of MMLM tokens. The prize will be automatically (?) transferred to each winner's wallet.
​In the event that a player exhausts all of their daily points, they have the option to use MMLM tokens to purchase additional points and continue playing. The corresponding amount of MMLM tokens received from this purchase will be permanently removed from circulation (a.k.a. token burning).
Last modified 7mo ago