🀝MLMM Affiliate System

The MMLM protocol allows Web3 projects to distribute their products through the existing MMLM network. Members of the MMLM community will then act as introducers and sellers of those projects’ products to new users, helping the products reach a wider potential audience and increasing revenue.

To participate in product distribution through MMLM, partners are required to meet the following conditions:

  • Integrate the MMLM SDK to transfer tracking data.

  • Publicly disclose commission payment policies to the MMLM community.

  • Reconcile revenue and commissions with MMLM on a monthly basis.

  • Partners transfer the earned commissions to the MMLM Commission Pool, which is then used to distribute rewards to MMLM users that helped advertise the product.

Members who engage in the affiliate system are eligible to receive two types of commissions:

  • Network Bonus: This includes the commission earned from your direct sales revenue as well as the sale profit generated by subsequent sellers in your network. As your network expands and more sellers join, you have the opportunity to earn additional commissions from their successful sales.

  • Global Bonus: This bonus is designed to reward sellers within the MMLM network who have achieved specific milestones or accomplishments. It serves as a recognition of their outstanding performance and contributions to the overall success of the network.

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