1. What is the MMLM system?
MMLM represents a groundbreaking Web3 project that revolutionizes the DeFi space by combining the Web2 Multi-level Marketing (MLM) model with blockchain technology. This fusion creates a unique and distinctive DeFi ecosystem, setting the stage for what we call DeFi 3.0. Leveraging the inherent advantages of the MLM model, such as passive earning and scalable network growth, MMLM aims to pave the way for the future of DeFi.
2. How can I participate in the MMLM ecosystem?
To engage in the MMLM ecosystem, you can acquire MMLM tokens through Mute.io. If you're unable to locate the token, please enter the official MMLM contract address: As an MMLM token holder, you gain eligibility to participate in a diversified multi-layer reward system that encompasses various avenues such as token holding, referral system, affiliate system, and forthcoming DeFi products introduced by the project. This inclusive approach ensures that you can unlock a range of rewarding opportunities within the MMLM ecosystem.
3. What is the token allocation for MMLM? Total supply: 10,000,000,000 MMLM
Liquidity Provision on Mute.io
400,000,000 $MMLM
Treasury (1) (for marketing/partnership/listing activities)
4,600,000,000 $MMLM
Dev Fund
2,000,000,000 $MMLM
Partnerships & Advisors
500,000,000 $MMLM
1,000,000,000 $MMLM
Burn Wallet (2) (for token deflation)
500,000,000 $MMLM
Leader Incentives
1,000,000,000 $MMLM
4. What are the benefits of holding MMLM tokens?
Holding MMLM tokens offers several benefits.
  • Holder Rewards: Through the multi-level reward system, token holders receive regular rewards based on their token balance, incentivizing long-term commitment.
  • Referral Rewards: the referral system allows holders to earn additional rewards by referring new participants to the ecosystem.
  • Game Rewards: Holders are eligible to participate in Binary Options Game to challenge
5.What is the MMLM Referral System? The MMLM Referral System operates through seven levels and allocates 8% of the transaction tax in ETH tokens for referral rewards. Referral rewards are distributed among referrers and the users they refer, providing direct incentives for participants to actively introduce the ecosystem to a broader audience. Check MMLM Referral Reward System for more details.
6. How is the MMLM project addressing token deflation and long-term stability?
The Token Stabilization Mechanism in MMLM includes token vesting and token burning. Token vesting involves a 12-month duration where tokens are gradually released, preventing significant sell-offs by early holders. Token burning reduces the token supply and promotes scarcity, enhancing the value of the token and fostering ecosystem stability.
7. How can I get involved in the MMLM community and stay updated on project developments?
To engage with the MMLM community and stay updated on project developments, you can join official social channels such as Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Twitter: Telegram: Discord: By participating in community discussions, asking questions, and following official channels, you can actively contribute to the community and stay informed about the project's progress.
8. Are there any fees associated with MMLM transactions and token transfers?
Yes, there are fees associated with MMLM transactions and token transfers.
When conducting transactions, a 10% tax-on-transfer model is implemented. Out of this tax, 1% paid in MMLM tokens is allocated to all preceding wallets, 8% paid in ETH is directed towards the referral network, and 1% paid in ETH is designated for the development fund. These fees help nourish and foster the growth of the MMLM ecosystem while maintaining stability.
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