Vesting $MMLM Token as Collateral (veMMLM)

During the 12-month vesting period, holders have the opportunity to utilize their vesting tokens (veMMLM) as collateral to borrow a specific amount of stablecoin on our token lending platform.

The borrowing amount is determined by the loan-to-value ratio (LTV) established by lenders, allowing you to borrow a portion of your MMLM holdings' value. For instance, if you pledge $2,000 worth of veMMLM tokens as collateral with a 40% LTV, you can receive $800 in stablecoin.

This provides immediate access to the loan funds, enabling you to utilize them for various purposes and gain even more yield without waiting for the vesting period to end.

Once you’ve repaid the loan, along with any accrued borrowing interest, you can reclaim your veMMLM tokens for future use.

In the event that the value of your collateral falls below the loan amount, the funds will be liquidated and either sold or transferred to the lender.

This process ensures that you can maximize the benefit from your veMMLM while maintaining the integrity of your vesting commitment.

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