Deflationary Model

To maximize the long-term value of the $MMLM token, we have implemented a token-burning mechanism that sets it apart from current token-burning methods implemented by DeFi 2.0 projects. Here is how it works:

The Burn Wallet: At the start, the burn wallet holds the largest stake in the network (5% of the total token supply), and is eligible for a 1% in $MMLM reward in accordance with the Holder Rewards model. As the very first wallet in the MMLM network, it receives rewards from the entire network but NEVER claims tokens. Therefore, a portion of each transaction's tax is automatically locked in the Burn Wallet, gradually reducing the overall token supply over time.

The token-burning mechanism enhances the value of the $MMLM token over the long term. It fosters stability, rewards long-term holders, and creates a robust environment for investments.

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