Token Utilities

$MMLM serves as the governance token for the MMLM system, playing a vital role in the initial stages of bootstrapping the ecosystem and furthering the development of MMLM products in subsequent development phases. It offers several utilities, including:

  • Marketing/Partnership: It facilitates the promotion and expansion of the ecosystem to a diverse global user base through various activities and events in collaboration with partners.

  • Governing the MMLM System: As part of the future plans, $MMLM will be utilized to govern community activities, such as voting on crucial decisions and proposing ideas for the project's development. This empowers the community by giving them a voice and allowing them to actively contribute to the project's growth.

  • Community Incentivization: The MMLM token serves as an incentive for users to collaboratively build a strong network. As this network expands, it not only enhances the benefits for individual token holders but also establishes a foundation for the MMLM network to extend its applications to other products from partners and partake in Marketing-as-a-Service operations in subsequent phases.

  • Ecosystem Rewards: $MMLM tokens are rewarded in certain products within the ecosystem, such as the Prediction Market P2E game.

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