Network Bonus

For each successful product sale through the MMLM Affiliate System, the seller will receive a commission from the product's sales revenue. The commission will be allocated to the following funds:
  • Affiliate System Commission pool, which will be used to distribute rewards to participants within the affiliate system
  • Global Bonus Reserve, which will be used to distribute bonuses to participants with outstanding performances
  • The Development Funds, which will then be used to maintain and develop new features
The distribution of these amounts depends on the commission policy of the partner and agreements with the platform.
💡Here's an example of how it works:
An NFT collection chose to use the MMLM Affiliate System to sell their NFTs during their initial drop on Opensea.
The NFT project offers a commission of up to 15% of the total revenue earned after the minting phase and is distributed as follows:
  • 11% is allocated to the Affiliate System Commissions pool
  • 2% goes to the Global Bonus Reserve
  • 2% is allocated to the MMLM development funds
The commission policy for the NFT collection is outlined as follows:
Your network's sale volume
Network Bonus (%)
Minimum Network Bonus
When you join the MMLM network, you will receive your first referral link, which you can then share on your social media platforms.
When you successfully onboard downline people into your network, they will have the opportunity to create and share their own referral links. As these users continue to onboard new members, your network will grow, resulting in a downline of sellers beneath you.
This means that you will not only receive bonuses from your direct sales revenue but also from the sales generated by the sellers in your downline. In other words, as your network expands and more sellers join, you have the potential to earn additional bonuses and commissions from the collective efforts of your network.
Here are some examples to illustrate:
Scenario 1: None of the users in your network surpasses a sales volume of $70,000.
Here's the breakdown of how your bonus will be calculated:
The total sale volume in your network, which includes your own sales and those of Network A, Network B, and Network C, amounts to $158,000 (calculated as $40,000 + $51,000 + $46,000 + $21,000).
Based on the threshold of 11%, the total bonus for your entire network is calculated as $160,000 * 11% = $17,600.
For Network A, the bonus is calculated as $51,000 * 9%= $4,590.
For Network B, the bonus is calculated as $46,000 * 9% = $4,140.
For Network B, the bonus is calculated as $21,000 * 7% = $1,470.
The different network bonus you will receive is $17,600 - ($4,590 + $4,140 + $1,470) = $7,400.
Scenario 2: User C exceeds a sales volume of $70,000.
In this scenario, User C already reached the maximum Sale Volume (higher than $70,000). According to the Commission Policy, the commission this user can receive is: $83,000 * 11% = $9,130.
Since User C has already received the maximum for the sales volume they generated, their sales volume will not be included in the calculation of the bonus for your network.
This can be calculated as follows:
Total sale volume in your network: You + Network A + Network B + Network C = $40,000 + $51,000 + $46,000 + $86,000 = $223,000 (11% threshold)
Total bonus for your entire network: $223,000 * 11% = $24,530
For Network A: $51,000 * 9% = $4,590
For Network B: $46,000 * 9% = $4,140
For Network C: $86,000 * 11% = $9,460
Therefore, the different network bonus you will receive is: $24,420 - ($4,590 + $4,140 + $9,460) = $6,340.